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Bathroom countertops come in a variety of materials, but natural stone is the most luxurious option. There are a few types of natural stone countertops as well. The one that is best suited for your bathrooms will depend on your style and budget, but here are some options to consider.

Slate – The most inexpensive stone, slate is resistant to stains and not very porous. It comes in uniform shades of green, black, or gray.

Soapstone – Soapstone is also less porous and only comes in a small range of colors, usually white or gray with some subtle veining. More expensive than slate, soapstone is still budget friendly.

Marble – Arguably the most beautiful natural stone material for countertops, marble comes in almost any color imaginable, and is heavily veined and patterned. It is necessary to seal a marble countertop for its softness, and it is the most expensive stone option.

Granite – Granite is similar to marble but may have less variation in the coloring per slab. As the most popular countertop option, it has a wider range of prices per square foot and is readily available.

For your bathroom countertop update, contact Kol Marble and Granite. We offer a large selection of natural stone countertop options to suit your design and budget.