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Granite Countertops

Maple shade, NJ Granite Countertops & Slabs

KOL Marble & Granite is delighted to present an extensive selection of stone countertops for your kitchen or bathroom task. Should you need a specific material, hue, and style that we don’t carry in stock, our team will be more than happy to track it down for you!


Our materials are tailored to fit precisely into your budget and installed promptly. Don’t know what will be the perfect fit for you? Worry not! Our specialists are experienced in helping customers choose their ideal materials that meet both their needs and style expectations.


Our Granite Countertops & Slabs are truly one-of-a-kind. From its signature mineral grains found on every continent to the fact that it’s only on Planet Earth and not available anywhere else in our Solar System – this natural beauty is sure to be a favorite of many! With us, you can have an exclusive piece of Mother Nature in your home.


KOL Marble & Granite takes pride in the wide range of stone countertops options to choose from available for your kitchen or bathroom project. If we don’t have the material on-site that you desire, we will locate the specific type, color, and style for you. Materials are customized and installed in a timely manner and within your budget.


If you’re unsure about what will fit your needs and style, one of our specialists will be glad to assist you in selecting the appropriate materials best suited for the job.

Check out our color samples of high-grade Granite that Kol Granite and Marble have to offer throughout their inventory in Maple shade, NJ.